Alright, a bit of background…

Welcome to my journey into Veganism!

Thanks for checking out my blog. If you’re new to the Vegan movement, hopefully my story will help you out, give you some ideas and maybe some motivation. If you’re old hat – feel free to laugh at my mistakes and comment to give me a hand (without being judgemental, of course. Let’s break this stereotype that Vegans are all pretentious snobs!). And if you’re just curious or searching for some tasty recipes – you’re more than welcome, too!

So first off, to give you some idea of how this all began:

When I first decided to give Vegan a taste, it was for a very specific reason: I had been eating like crap, and I had a wedding coming up!

People who eat like crap tell me that I don’t, actually, eat that poorly. I have been a pescetarian – a Vegetarian who still eats fish (and milk and dairy – but Lacto-Ovo-Pescetarian is a rather a mouthful) – for almost a year. Before that I probably ate that way about 75% of the time, since I’ve never been one for consuming large amounts of red meat or poultry. But even with that classification, I was still finding myself craving chocolate or candy or other unhealthy foods almost constantly – and I had to be a ravishing Maid of Honour in a few short weeks! When people hear that I eat a plant based diet and then act astounded when I say I like Skittles, I get a bit annoyed. Just because I don’t eat like them doesn’t mean I’m a die-hard health foodie with a penchant for burning Cadbury bars! I have problems, too!

Anyway, I decided to “go Vegan” for a week. I also cut out all refined sugars and processed products (at least as much as possible). I lasted about four days, and then I broke down and ate…something, I really don’t recall! So I gave myself the weekend to be naughty, and then I cracked down again on Monday. That Wednesday was a write off because it was my significant other’s birthday and I wasn’t about to pass up gourmet cheesecake, but since then I have been strictly Vegan!

As for refined sugar and processed foods, I’m doing pretty damn good, but no one is perfect. I have given away my “bad” baking supplies (milk chocolate chipits, white sugar, corn syrup) as well as some jello that was hiding in my cupboard from goodness knows how long ago. It is actually surprisingly easy to swap out white or brown sugar for maple syrup, brown rice syrup or dates. Did you know that dates actually taste like caramel – it’s very exciting!

I should probably mention that a ton of the motivation for this switch comes from an amazing book – The Kind Diet, by Alicia Silverstone. Don’t write her off just because she is an actress. Her story of how and why she went Vegan (of a far stricter style than my current one) is downright inspiring! She talks about so many different reasons that Veganism is a good idea, beyond the moral issue of not hurting animals, which we humans tend to have a hard time getting our heads around. I would definitely recommend giving the book a read, or at least checking out her website!

Well, I think I have caught you up. I hope you enjoy the journey, because isn’t it really all about the ride?!


Even Gouda thinks that we should be kind to the world! (Yes, my dog is named after a food I don't eat.)
Even Gouda thinks we should be kind to the world!
(Yes, my dog is named after a food I don’t eat.
It’s kind of symbolic, when you think about it…)


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