Miso-in Love With This Soup!

You know, I made up my mind, after the painfully picture-less last post, that I would be sure to take photos of any food I might blog about. And then I forgot. Worry not, I do have a picture of my smoothie yesterday morning (I know you were anticipating this all day). I decided to try leaving out the strawberries. It tasted damn good, actually, and was a very pretty green:

green smoothie 

This morning I inadvertently found myself without any kale, so I had a boring old fruit smoothie, and threw in some Vega to get those two servings of veggies.  It was a lovely pink colour, but not terribly exciting.

My lunch that afternoon was a bit anticlimactic, but still delicious!  I marinated some tofu in sriracha, garlic and soy sauce in the morning, and I fried that up, with a handful of kale and some barley that I had prepared the night before (just in water with a bit of garlic and thyme).  Absolutely delicious!

I also had miso soup.  Now, I haven’t done a ton of digging into the nutritional profile of miso, but it is fermented.  This means it has that healthy bacteria we hear all about, little dudes that our bodies need to thrive and swim without water wings.  When you go Vegan, some foods containing that bacteria – yogurt is the best example – are lost from your diet (unless you like non-dairy yogurt, and I have yet to find a kind that I do), so you need to make sure you’re still getting those critters into your system. I will add this to my list of things to look into more thoroughly!

Miso comes as a paste, and can be made from brown rice, or barley, or soy. The one that I bought is a combination of white rice and soy beans. It was in the cooler section of my local organic/health foods store, and we don’t get much that’s interesting so if you live anywhere bigger than a small town, you should be able to find it. Asian stores sell it too, and likely at a lower price – though be sure to watch the ingredient list! Apparently some have MSG. This is the one I bought, but there are lots of different kinds and I’ve never tried anything else:


My Miso Soup (loosely adapted from The Kind Diet)

  • 1 ½ cups water
  • 1 sheet nori, or a bit of wakame (sea vegetables)
  • a bit of minced garlic (yeah, I love garlic)
  • 1 or 2 green onions, diced (use scissors and cut straight into the pot – so much easier!!)
  • splash of soy sauce

Let these ingredients simmer together for awhile.  The longer you simmer the sea vegetables, the less of a fishy taste they will have.  I read this and was skeptical but it’s true! After a few minutes they just have that nice sushi-ish taste, no more aura of ‘marinated alongside tuna’.

The Kind Diet says never more than 1 tsp of miso paste per cup of liquid.  I’ll look into it, but I’m going to trust that for now!  Make sure that your soup is not boiling when you add the miso – boiling ruins all its healthy properties, so always add it at the very end and don’t leave it on the heat too long!  Stir/whisk it in until it is mixed (your soup will become cloudy) and then bowl it up!

Yum! I have seen various additions including shiitake mushrooms and tofu. You can basically look at it as a soup base, which is great since vegetable broth – unless you make it yourself – has tons of sodium.  Miso has some sodium, but it counters that with heavy-duty health benefits!

Wow, it takes a lot longer to talk about one meal than I ever anticipated.  Up next, supper!


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