Sizzle-y Shrooms

Mmm mushrooms.  I have always loved the little white fellas, but only recently joined the Portabello movement.

When I heard they were serving pulled pork at the rehearsal dinner for the wedding I was in last weekend, I figured I had better find something that I could eat as a main dish.  I always hear about portabellos being “meaty”, so I thought a marinated one would be just right as an alternative main course.  Apparently everyone was asking what had made our host’s kitchen smell so good!

While I was randomly searching for marinade ideas, I came across this tip: remove those dark gills on the underside of the cap before cooking.  Apparently they make the mushrooms bitter.  Good to know!

I usually don’t measure for stuff like this so don’t be afraid to experiment!  If you add too much of something, you’ll just have to even it out with the other ingredients, and there’ll be more marinade left to make it again the next day!

My Marinade:

  • coconut oil, zapped for 15 seconds in the microwave
  • sriracha (this stuff has sugar in it, so it’s a processed/refined product. I will look into making my own once this is gone, but I bought a huge bottle of it before I went Vegan. Don’t worry though, it is Vegan, just not “clean”)
  • soy sauce
  • garlic.  I have been using dehydrated minced garlic because it’s so darn easy. Watch out though – apparently a mere 1/8 tsp is equal to one clove!
  • maple syrup (I didn’t add this for my rehearsal dinner meal, but I love the sweet/spicy combo, so I tried it out today)

Taste that baby! Add other stuff and tell me about it!  Then throw the mushroom in a big container or ziplock bag (which you will then reuse, of course) and shake ‘er up!  Let it marinate.  This time my mushroom only soaked for about 10 hours, as opposed to overnight and all the next day, but I didn’t notice a difference – they’re pretty porous little fellas!

Oh, I didn’t get around to it this time, but for the rehearsal dinner, I also carmelized onions in advance and added them to the frying mushrooms.  Wow. Just…wow.  I am so sorry I don’t have a photo – I promise I will get better!  If you’re like me, there’s nothing worse than a cookbook with no pictures.

To round out my supper (kind of; I need to get better at dark, leafy greens), I added some braised daikon to the plate – just simmered water and soy sauce over the rounds until they soaked it all up.  It wasn’t a terribly colourful supper, but it was tasty and I really appreciated being able to get home and pretty much dump it in the pan.

All in all it was a yummy day! I will sum up with my dessert. Vegan cookies – which I threw together sort of randomly, but will record eventually, and you can find recipes for these everywhere – dipped in chocolate icing. And folks – that icing was “clean”. The thick, creamy, separated part of a refrigerated can of coconut milk (use the liquid for smoothies), whipped up with some cocoa and maple syrup. That’s it and holy moly – Heaven! And yes, once the cookies were gone, I did eat the rest of that icing with my finger, straight out of the container.

I’m nothing if not classy.



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