An Evening Eggplant

I didn’t start this blog to talk about general health concerns – I’m kind of assuming if you’re interested in Veganism, you have at least a little savvy on that front.  But obviously we all know that drinking lots of water (6-8 glasses a day) is very important; it’s something that has been beaten into us.  For some reason, though, a lot of people just don’t drink enough water.  I have a friend who is addicted (almost literally, except not quite so we still joke about it) to pop (Coke, Pepsi, the like).  She doesn’t like water because evidently it has no taste.  I think that’s the reason that many people give, so they dump in Crystal Light or opt for fruit juices.  I guess they’re hydrating themselves, but doesn’t sugar negate some of those qualities…or something? I’m not a health professional, I don’t actually know.

This is kind of ridiculous:  honestly, the only reason I even brought up water just now is that I was pouring myself a glass (I have absolutely no trouble drinking enough water – I absolutely love it) and I found myself wondering: if someone who didn’t like water had the most fun, most adorable water-drinking cup ever, would they drink more water?



SpiderPuff, SpiderPuff…


In order to (hopefully) redeem myself a little for the strange frivolity above, I read in The Kind Diet that Vegans don’t have to worry so much about getting 6-8 glasses of water a day, because the majority of the foods they eat have a hefty water content.  Makes sense, right? Still, it blew my mind a bit that maybe I don’t have to ensure I fill and guzzle down my one litre water bottle twice daily.  It makes me think…too much water isn’t good for you either because it starts washing out things your body does need, along with all the junk it’s expelling.  I am going to look further into this (I’ve literally started “Things to Research for Blog” List); it seems to me that since I’m relatively active, the extra few glasses won’t cause a problem.

But I digress!  I don’t have a whole lot to share about my eating habits this afternoon and evening.  I did finally remember to take a picture of my miso soup, though! And you lucked out, because I happened to be eating barley with that amazing cheeze sauce as well, so it got in on the photo op.

Cheeze n Miso

For supper, I baked an eggplant.  I may have mentioned nightshade vegetables (peppers, tomatoes, potatoes) and the fact that, for reasons I don’t yet understand, they aren’t supposed to be consumed in excess (yes, I’ve added it to the List).  Eggplant is one of these, which royally sucks, because eggplant is amazingly delicious! I am holding out hope that this was false information and, in fact, a panel of highly knowledgeable and irreproachable doctors unanimously agree that we should have one to two servings of eggplant per day.  (Also guacamole, oatmeal raisin cookies, and chocolate coconut icing…)

After slicing it (thickly, since I wanted that nice soft squish when it was done), I sprinkled it with salt and left it to sweat for about 45 minutes.  Check it out.  You’d think it just ran a marathon or something:

Eggplant - sweat

Drat, you can’t actually see it that well. Sorry, you’ll have to take my word for it.
Better still, run out right now and buy one, slice it up, and sprinkle it with salt. Best way to learn.

After patting them more or less dry, I laid the slices on a pan with parchment paper, and brushed them with olive oil.  I recommend actually using a brush and transferring the olive oil from a bowl, as opposed to pouring it on and trying to spread it around. Eggplant is so absorbent that you won’t even have time to put down the oil and pick up the brush – it will have soaked in.  I sprinkled on the tiniest bit more salt and some fresh ground pepper, tossed the whole thing in a 375 degree oven, and let it bake for about 45 minutes.

eggplant - oven

Yum! And I apologize. I forgot to take a photo of the finished product (likely because I was too busy cramming them into my mouth before they cooled off), so you get a shot of the leftovers from the fridge. ‘Nightshade’ is actually quite appropriate; they do look a bit sinister, don’t they?

eggplant - baked

Oh, and I have to confess. Yesterday I bought the new Darkside Skittles, so I did have a few of those (ok, a handful) for dessert.  They’re Vegan – they’re just not exactly natural, whole foods.  Whoops.  But a girl’s gotta live a little!



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