How (Not) To Get Your Greens

This morning I got up nice and early and had tea, as I always do.  I’m not sure how I got into the habit of having a cup of tea before even preparing breakfast – I always thought the epitome of “grown up” was brewing a pot of coffee first thing in the morning, so maybe that’s it!  Regardless, it’s been going on for a few months now, and that slow, warm wakeup call seems to be working for me!

I recently switched to green tea, instead of my signature Chocolate Chili Chai from David’s Tea.  This is partially because I don’t believe the “Chocolate” is vegan – it says “may contain milk” but I would be surprised if a moderately priced tea had high quality, 70%+ mini chipits.  I guess I could always email them and find out…

Green tea 

But green tea is better for you, anyway.  There is so much talk about the benefits of green tea, and I finally found a good brand and learned how to steep it properly (70 degree F water is the trick – boiling makes it bitter),  so now it’s become my go-to.  Just delicious!

I decided to try something new with my smoothie this morning – I used broccoli. I assumed it gave off a very distinct taste, so I have been avoiding it, but my co-worker uses it in her morning smoothies, and she assured me it worked well, that it didn’t have a prevalent flavour.

She was wrong.

Ugh – I could definitely taste it, and it was BITTER!

I ended up with a lot of smoothie, because I kept trying to fix it. I threw my usual stuff in first – strawberries, almond milk, kale and tofu. I left out the banana because the ones I have need another day. Then I added a small head of broccoli. Ew. It honestly tasted like broccoli, except bitter and with a teeny tiny tang of strawberry and…it was just not good. So I bit the bullet and added a banana anyway (which, now I think of it, may have contributed to the bitterness…). It still wasn’t good. So I added a bit more milk to thin it out, and tossed in an apple, which I was planning on leaving out today. It was … barely better.

Then I remembered cinnamon, and as a last ditch effort, I tossed in a stick, along with some ice because everything tastes better when it isn’t room temperature.

Broccoli smoothie

And it was ok, I guess.  I drank it; it took me three of my big, pretty blue glass’ full to drink it all.  It’s actually amazing how much of a difference the cinnamon makes (assuming you actually like cinnamon, I guess).  But that was a lot of work for something that I’m very accustomed to making.  And even in the end it wasn’t anything to write home about.

I think from now on I will stick to kale. I’m happy with kale. What is it with humans and always trying to make a good thing better?

I suppose that’s how we got to Mars…


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