Verging on Theology and A Quick, Easy Supper

I would like to recommend this book: Vegan for Life.

Vegan for life

It is a really wonderful resource for Vegans. I plan to continue devouring books on the subject, because while I wholeheartedly believe that Veganism can be perfectly healthy, we would be foolish to deny that there’s a learning curve involved!

They are a wealth of information on the various nutrients and how to get them, but my favourite section so far – I’m only about ¼ through – is where they say that Vegans should stop trying to convince omnivores that Veganism is right because historically, people actually ate this way.  There is very little evidence to support this.  A great number of humans eat meat.  A great number of humans have eaten meat for thousands of years.  Trying to argue against this just makes us look uneducated and silly.  Instead, we need to be putting forth the suggestion that how we ate historically isn’t really the point.  The point is that Veganism is a good way to eat (and live) now.  For the future.  That really hit home with me.  I truly feel that in this argument the two sides focus too much on what has been; what is important is our present and our future, not what we were originally built to do.  I’m relatively certain there’s a lot of things humans have done that weren’t on any cosmic agenda…

So if you’re Vegan, or considering going Vegan, you should read the book! If you already have, tell me – what did you think? Vital resource or opinion-biased claptrap?

You may have guessed that I don’t foresee a terribly interesting meal plan for myself today. I will probably be relying a lot on leftovers because I have to go out after work. I have developed a bit of a thing for collard greens. I forgot that I bought some at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday (horrors!), so I sautéed them with some red cabbage, sesame oil and soy sauce, and then tossed in some soaked raisins. It was really tasty (Alicia Silverstone has a version, the recipe is here); the greens are quite chewy, but I think that’s just how they are. It’s an interesting texture, though, since I’m more used to steamed spinach. I prefer the collards!


Of course, my usual miso soup, as well as the rest of the eggplant.  And a chapter of A Dance with Dragons.
All in all, a pretty good lunch hour!

I only had about half an hour to make and eat supper, and I really need to jack up my protein intake, so I did this:

  • half an onion
  • clove garlic
  • package of Italian Ground Round
  • can of red kidney beans, drained and rinsed
  1. Saute the onion until soft.
  2. Add garlic about halfway through cooking time.
  3. Once onions are soft, add ground round and beans and cook until hot through.

It made about four meals, and it was pretty good.  Not great, though.  I’ll have to play around with some spices.  I would rather not become too dependent on processed foods like ground round anyway, but they are really awesome to have around for days like this!

Tonight I am cooking some white beans to have for hummus or with sauce or…something; I’ll be sure to let you know.  I also have this intense urge to make cookies or something sweet, but I think I lack the required energy.

As such, I plan to figure out a lazy way to deal with my craving (pecans dipped in maple syrup, perhaps) and read one of my many Vegan books from the library.  I remember a time when they would limit how many books on one topic you could borrow at a time.  I’m really glad they don’t do that anymore…

library books


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