This n’ That


I have determined that the weekends are going to be “maybe days”, where I might or might not write a post, depending on what I get up to and whether I decide to bake up a storm! I am planning to make brownies, so I’m sure I’ll at least be showing off those.

I went to The Better Good yesterday evening.  This is a lovely little store on Broadway – home to ritzy, unique shops that are generally way out of my price range – that sells eco-friendly and local goods.  They have Toms, and Eco-Jot books and the like.  I actually compared a few prices and it is all very reasonable, keeping in mind that you will inevitably pay more for these kind of things than you would at Walmart!

I tried on some Toms.  They have a Vegan line, and I have decided I’m not going to buy any more shoes unless they are Vegan.  I know, a lot of shoes are probably “vegan”, being that they’re all man-made materials, but theoretically, a certified Vegan shoe would be a teeny bit better for the environment.  I still would prefer to get everything from Value Village but let’s face it: big feet = not much selection!

I ended up buying some Vegan deodorant, a cute little notebook to keep in my shoulder bag so that I will stop using sticky notes every time I think of something at work:


and these:

cotton bags

Aren’t they wonderful? I was a little disappointed that the package came with 4 small and only 2 large, but I will probably end up buying their Commitment Bag eventually, anyway. l.i.o.l.i. stands for “love it or lose it”, a very apt statement for an eco-conscious company. And they’re Canadian! In a time where most stuff is shipped from China or Taiwan, something made in your own country is practically “local”.

This weekend I intend to hit Value Village in a big way!  It’s a thrift store, in case you have absolutely no idea what I’m going on about.  I think they’re actually owned by Walmart (sigh), but they still donate to charities, buy clothes from charities that we donate to, and offer used clothing at great prices.  So I’ve gotten over it.   Maybe I will show off all my swell finds – Vegan for me is all about reducing your impact on the planet, so I think recycling clothing counts!

A suggested read for Vegans, new and old.  This website is manned by Virginia Messina, one of the authors of Vegan for Life.  The post basically sums up what they have to say about supplements in the book, but it’s definitely something that Vegans should be aware of. At the very least, if you’re dead set against taking supplements, it will give you an idea of what vitamins and minerals are the most difficult to get enough of on a Vegan diet.

In closing, I’d like to share with you the sight that made me smile as I was walking home, despite a long, tiring week:

Long friday smileStrive to stay sweet amidst the stones…

Have a wonderful weekend, all!



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