Temporary Redirection

I wrote a post for yesterday.  It’s pretty good, with food, and a story, and murder and intrigue – all the important facets of a Vegan blog post.   But it really needs the photographs that I simply forgot to take…so I’m saving it until I get a chance to add some. (Also, I’m kidding about the murder and intrigue, but if I could somehow work those angles into my posts, wouldn’t this be a much more interesting blog?)

If I were a famous, award-winning blogger I would request a guest post from one of my fellow famous, award-winning bloggers but, well, they don’t know who I am!  So, since I’m not, and since I have yet to stock pile a collection of “filler” posts (maybe that’s a positive thing?), I am going to take this opportunity to direct you to my other blog for a brief moment.

This post isn’t Vegan persay, but since a heavy consumption of goods undeniably takes its toll on our planet, I feel that it is suitably relevant.

I hope you enjoy.  And I promise I will write a weekend post to make up for slacking off!

Thanks for reading,


PS: Rain droplets and zoom lenses – once in awhile, combining the natural and the man-made is a good thing…



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