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I subscribe to The Kind Life website (that’s Alicia Silverstone’s offshoot of her great book The Kind Diet), and they send emails highlighting recent posts or information about once a week.  It’s nice to have that push to keep learning, without getting consistently spammed!

Just such an email the other day – “How To Fall in Love With Greens” – got me thinking.

I know that I should eat more leafy greens, but they are just so easily forgotten, you know?  I rarely make them the focal point of a meal, so even though my intention is to add a salad to the mac n’ cheeze, or the mushroom soup, sometimes I just forget.

Unfortunately, Ms. Silverstone’s post gave tantalizing titles followed by the pages in her book where the recipes reside, and I recently returned the book to the library and have not found my own copy yet.  But, do not despair! I plan to raid the archives of my favourite Vegan blogs to come up with some great green goodies to help me out (and hopefully you, too) on those days when inspiration falters and green leaf lettuce with a light sprinkling of salt just ain’t cutting it!

So let’s get this produce party started!Untitled-1

(Please note, I have tried only one of these recipes; they are intended to be inspiration for future green-gorging.  But they are all the product of gorgeous, glowing Vegan ladies – I need to search out some dashing Vegan dudes! – all of whom have wowed me with other creations.)

1. Oh She Glows

A fellow Canadian Vegan, Angela shares an inspiring How-I-Got-Here story and absolutely tantalizing recipes (a few of which I have already mentioned)!   I highly recommend bookmarking or subscribing.

 Angela’s Go To Kale Salad
This recipe looks to be highly customizable, but just from the gorgeous photos, I’d definitely want to use exactly what she did the first time!

2. Figgy & Sprout

I have yet to delve too deeply into this charming Irish blog, but the name and adorable little logo made me stop short and left me no choice but to peruse.  All of her recipes look simply gourmet, helped no doubt by great photography.  I’m carrying on the emerging kale theme here:

Roasted Kale Salad
A glimpse of the nutritional yeast in the topmost picture was all I needed to be sold on this one! It also looks incredibly easy – always a welcome factor.

3. Vegangela

Another lovely Canadian, this Angela is the brilliant mind behind the Carrot Apple Ginger soup that pretty much gave me the kick I needed to go Vegan for real.   In my “Vegan Recipes” folder of my internet bookmarks, it is the second one! This recipe uses swiss chard (which I always see but never end up buying), and with the chickpeas tossed in there, would probably make a good, filling main dish!

Fried Cauliflower, Chickpea and Swiss Chard 

4. C’est La Vegan

Though I have yet to try one of Allison at C’est La Vegan’s recipes, I simply must include her because she’s a baker, guys! Vegan baked goodies are so good and so much fun to feed to people who think Vegan food is gross.  I just love the reaction “Wow, this is really good. But I thought you were Vegan?” Ha – tricked you!

That has absolutely nothing to do with greens, but this video post does! Allison uses lettuce in addition to spinach (which I used to use all the time) in her green smoothies.  I have thought of trying that in the past, but since I never came across a green smoothie recipe calling for lettuce, I guess I figured there was some reason for that.  Evidently I was wrong!

Green Smoothie

(while looking for other greens recipes from C’est La Vegan, I also came across this. Doesn’t it look delicious?!)

5. The Kind Life

My final mention today has to be Alicia, who prompted all this.  I have posted the link to this recipe before, but it needs to be said again.  This dish is delectable!  This recipe was copied by someone else, but be sure to note Alicia’s suggested substitution, which the poster kindly quotes (and what I choose to do when I make it).  She also mentions that the stems of the collards can be used as long as they’re cooked a bit longer – great to know!

Sicilian Collard Greens with Pine Nuts and Raisins

And there you have it!

I’m going to set a goal to make each of these at least once in the next couple of weeks, and you should too – or at least compile your own list! Even if you eat tons of greens already, it’s always fun to try something new.

Thanks to all the inspiring bloggers/Vegans out there! That includes my Fresh Followers – thanks guys!


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