Non-Foodie Vegan

I am going to take a hiatus from food for a few days, to share some non-food thoughts on Veganism!

I am finding that people are “vegan” to varying degrees.  No matter whether you dub yourself Vegetarian and cut out animal products but still consume by-products; you eat Vegan but don’t fuss about body or textile items; you completely boycott all products of all types that threaten animal lives or the environment; or you fall into some sub-category of the above – you’re making a positive difference, and taking a step toward prolonging the lives of the sentient beings on our planet.  So yay – you’re awesome!

(For the record, so are those of you who still consume animal products but are taking the time to learn and think about changing your habits!)

I fall into some sub-category between Eating Vegan and Avoiding All Harmful Products.  The reason I’m not an all-out hippie-flower-child, living off the earth and off the grid (oh, someday, someday!) is a very simple one: it’s too expensive.  It’s also a little hard when you’re going to school or don’t have a job you can do from a dial up connection in the middle of nowhere.

My first steps towards the latter of my two categorizations are in hair products and clothing (coming tomorrow).  As I have mentioned before, I tried the baking soda “no-poo” method a couple of years ago, but since I was still straightening my hair, I ended up absolutely destroying it.

It occurred to me last week, however, that it has been over a month since I have used an iron of any kind for anything more than straightening one stubborn little curl – excepting the day of my friend’s wedding, when I paid an exorbitant amout of money to have someone ELSE curl my hair. Following that logic, I figured why shouldn’t I go back to the baking soda method?  Well, I took the leap on Saturday, and my hair is being a bit weird (losing all that gross build up, y’know), but completely fine!  My natural curl is even coming out more nicely than it did with conventional shampoo.


See those bottles? They don’t have Organix in them – oh no! (Although, if you aren’t quite ready for no-poo, Organix DOES have a couple of vegan options. These two are not.) I reused and recycled here, folks! The “shampoo” has 3 or 4 Tablespoons of baking soda in it, with water, and the “conditioner” is half water, half apple cider vinegar.

Speaking of apple cider vinegar, it is my new go to for a face wash, too! I don’t use much for my face. After dealing with bad acne for a decade, going Vegan and natural in other ways has FINALLY solved the problem, at 25 (about freaking time)! 2 parts water to 1 part vinegar is a great clarifying face cleanser, too! I do use a (vegan) moisturizer from time to time as well, but my face doesn’t feel so dry that I NEED one. I also wash with a natural, carbolic soap every three days or so. (Then, I DO feel like I need the moisturizer. I wonder what would happen if I followed the soap with the vinegar rinse…)

moisturizerYou have to email the Body Shop about specific products to find out if they’re Vegan, but they are really helpful, and respond pretty quickly. Body Shop doesn’t test any product on animals and is an advocate of fair trade. I think they’re a pretty swell company, even if they aren’t 100% Vegan.  Oh, and this moisturizer smells amazing! 

It feels pretty cool to pick up your beauty products in the baking isle.  Guess this post wasn’t food-free after all!



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