What’s Vegan, Fluffy and White, and Absolutely Delicious?

Vegan Marshmallows!!

You know how you read the reviews on products like that, and they say “even better than traditional ___”? Well – I’m never completely sure that’s a positive review! I didn’t want my first Vegan marshmallow to be better than regular marshmallows … I wanted it to be a marshmallow! I could care less if it’s creamier, or fluffier – it’s supposed to be a marshmallow, damnit!

Well, Dandies Vegan Marshmallows are marshmallows, folks! They’re a bit smoother, and lack the aftertaste of their traditional forerunner; my guess would be that it’s because they don’t use refined sugar. I’ve noticed a significant lack of “chalky mouth aftertaste” since I cut back on processed/refined products. But besides that, they’re marshmallows. They are exactly what I hoped they would be.

And, they roast! I had myself a quick little stove-top campfire (I used to do that with mini marshmallows when my parents weren’t home), and they puffed and browned right up, as you can see


They took a little longer – and come to think of it, they do seem a bit denser – but it could have just been the temperature of my “fire”.


All in all – a definite winner.  The plan was to try a couple of these to see if I liked them, and then save the bag for camping in a few weeks but…as if.  These things will be gone by the weekend!

In other news, I made homemade almond milk for the first time in ages (and the first time with the skins on), tonight.

Wanna know how?

After soaking the almonds for about 12 hours (and then storing them in the fridge all day since I had to go to work), I dumped them into my blender with half the water.

IMG_1043Oh no you don’t, tiny piece of kale.  This ain’t no green milk!

I use about 3.5 cups of water per cup of almonds.  But I think that would probably be a cup of unsoaked almonds, and I forgot to measure mine before they went into the water.  So I planned to use about three.  Then I remembered how wonderful and rich almond milk tastes with less water, so I ended up using about 2.25 cups of water per cup of soaked almonds.  Yeah, evidently I’m made of money…


After blending for a good minute or so, I dumped the whole thing into my nut milk bag (alright, get the giggles out!). I picked up this bag at Dad’s Organic Market the other day:


While I like the idea of an unbleached cotton from an environmental perspective, I wasn’t so sure about how well it would work – or come clean.  I like the idea of the nylon bags (like this one) because an actual mesh strikes me as working better.

But this one worked great! And it wasn’t hard to clean at all!

IMG_1050After the bag was squeezed as much as I could manage, I dumped the pulp back into the blender with the other half of the water and repeated the whole process. I ended up with this:

IMG_1054 and this:

IMG_1057 Mmm – so creamy and frothy and delicious!  I stirred in about a tsp of pure vanilla (some recipes suggest dates and Oh She Glows even goes for a whole vanilla bean – totally personal taste) and then stood and stared at my bowl of 2 litres of almond milk and wondered what the heck I was going to keep it in.



While almond milk doesn’t retain a ton of the nutritional goodness of the almonds, it is light and sweet and has less of a “taste” than soy milk. Keep in mind that homemade almond milk won’t last more than a couple of days in the fridge (yes, I’m going to have to guzzle!), and – at least for me – it’s too expensive, not to mention time consuming, to use as my everyday milk for baking and cooking.

almond milk  But it’s definitely a great treat.  I wish I had baked some cookies.  I wonder if marshmallows taste good dipped in almond milk…



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