Some Baking and an Easy Dressing!


You will recall that I made Almond Milk the other day. (It’s long gone, by the way.)  Well, I always like to find something to do with the drained pulp, but every recipe I have tried turns out – well – meh.

This time I fared a bit better.  I discovered this recipe on Pinterest (there’s a whole section devoted to using up leftover almond pulp), and it is pretty good.

cookies not baked

They still have that pulp-y texture, but they are definitely sweet and chocolaty.  I think that I will keep looking for the perfect recipe, but these might just get made again, especially if I am expecting big chocolate fans for company!

cookies baked

In other news, I found this recipe for Chia Seed bread from my favourite Vegan blogger. I will be hopping a plane in a month and a half, and Angela says this is a great energy bar for trips. I thought I would try it, to see if it’s something worth bringing along!

bread unbaked

Is it ever tasty! I love the variety of texture and crunch that the combination of seeds gives it.  I ate a couple of pieces straight out of the oven, and then slathered another in cashew butter.

I think next time I will leave out the spices, since it’s a bit of a strange combination: jam and cashew butter, and oregano, garlic and onion.

Ooh, or maybe have one batch of each, so some could be eaten with hummus and avocado, and some more could have jam…I’m getting ahead of myself.

bread baked

One more thing.  I don’t have pictures for this but I wanted to share it anyway.  Since my quest for fun ways to incorporate greens has been somewhat hindered by my lack of desire to actually make anything, I’ve been eating a lot of pretty straight forward salads.  I came up with a super tasty, easy dressing that can be thrown together just moments before it is added!

Super simple:

  • Dijon Mustard
  • Soy Sauce
  • Olive Oil

You can play around with the amounts; I did about equal parts of liquids, and a bit more of mustard.  I found that I didn’t need any kind of vinegar, because the mustard takes care of that zip and tang.

It is delicious!  Today I topped a mixed greens salad with this dressing an half an avocado.  It was so perfectly matched that I might try using mashed avocado in the dressing.  Yum-my!

I’m afraid everything else was repeats – not terribly exciting blog-wise.  I made a batch of the best Cheeze sauce known to humankind, and another Walnut Raisin Loaf (minus the raisins, like I said, and also cutting back on the nutmeg and ramping up the cinnamon).   Can you tell I’m a touch obsessed with Oh She Glows?

It was way too hot out to have the oven on for that long, but I survived.  Wish I could say the same for the S.O., but he got food out of the deal, so he didn’t complain too much.

Stay cool, readers!



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