It’s-a Pizza Day!

Do you ever have those days where the prospect of making anything from scratch is enough to send you back to bed with the covers pulled over your noggin?

I don’t have them as often as I used to, probably because when I’m that lazy, the idea of having to drive to the store to buy whatever products I’m too fatigued to make is almost as awful as the thought of making something.

But every once in awhile – for instance, when the air conditioning-less house is a balmy 30 degrees – even the trek in the equally hot car to the store for some Vegan frozen pizzas is worth it. So on goes the oven (I know, I know, I know – how dumb are we?) and in goes the somewhat cheaper alternative to going out for supper.
photo 5

First off, I would like to offer up a general shout out to companies that make Vegan frozen foods. Yeah, yeah, we’re supposed to be healthy, and live on whole foods and avoid processing like the plague, so on and so on. But we’re also human, and sometimes a quick fix is called for.

Secondly – what an excellent showing! First off, the Tofurky pizza. This was the S.O.’s pick, since he used to love him some pepperoni.

photo 3

The faux pepperoni is surprisingly realistic. This wasn’t a huge selling point for me, since I was never a big fan, but it was still pretty good, and definitely impressive!  Nice and spicy, and even the texture wasn’t that far off.

photo 4

The cheeze was rather sparingly sprinkled, but that is generally the norm for any frozen pizza. It was very much like Daiya in texture (bought some of that, too), but I can’t speak for the flavour, since the “meat” kind of took over. The thin crust was the winning feature of this one, for me. Crackly, fold-able; the perfect subtle shelf for tasty toppings.

While the Tofurky brand is 100% Vegan (though possibly not Certified?), Amy’s are not. They boast a number of cheesy, meaty pizzas, focusing instead on organic, “natural”, and sometimes gluten-free products. The pizza I purchased was not touted as Vegan, but did explicitly say no cheese. I read the ingredients (here if you’re interested) and deemed it good to go.

photo 1

I tested out the melt-ability of my mozzerella Daiya on a small section of the pizza. I was not disappointed. That strangely textured stuff is definitely made to be melted; I wasn’t a fan straight out of the bag.

To say this pizza is “good” is to undershoot it by about half. The combination of caramelized onions (we already know how I feel about those) and balsalmic-marinated veggies was absolutely divine. The crust was flawlessly noninvasive and a lovely mix of cruchy and chewy.

photo 2

I will definitely be getting that Amy’s pizza again. I would also like to try the Tofurky cheeze pizza. While these pizzas cost about double a regular frozen pizza, they’re a great treat from time to time.

Have a favourite Vegan store snack? Please share!



2 thoughts on “It’s-a Pizza Day!

  1. Heres to wishing they also had gluten free vegan frozen pizzas.. But Amy’s stuff is great, and I’m also a fan of some melted Daiya once in a while on my own pizzas! My friends are often amazed by the food that can be made vegan and my favourite thing to do is to make them vegan pizzas. Not that I’m trying to convert anyone… 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading, and for commenting!

      I like cheese-less pizzas just fine, myself (though my co-workers have ruled “no cheese, not pizza”), but yep – sometimes that stretchy, gooey goodness just has to be a part of it.

      I know what you mean! Any time I name something yummy-sounding that I made, people think I’ve stopped being Vegan. They just don’t know what they’re missing!

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