A Snacking Story

I think I have established pretty solid proof that I can be a “bad” Vegan sometimes.  I’m always Vegan, but every day is not necessarily filled with exclusively whole, unrefined foods. My way of controlling this is to avoid making anything that isn’t “whole” from scratch, as much as possible.  But once in awhile, even health nuts have to pig out on store bought treats!   Besides, I don’t know about you, but I get pretty excited when I find something off the shelf that I can eat.  It’s almost as if the karmic Vegan gods are smiling down on me.

So today I’m going to share a few of my latest finds with you!

To start off, something that isn’t actually bad, beyond the fact that it’s packaged: Tea India Masala Chai!

I have waxed plenty poetic about the wonders of David’s Tea, but as much as I love them, I just haven’t found a chai that measures up to Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla White.  I have not had it in months; I haven’t been able to find it. It did not strike me until recently that it contains honey, so it isn’t Vegan anyway.

tea india

This tea is absolutely delicious.  Have I mentioned the International Foods section of Superstore? It is my absolute favourite place to go.  Not only will you discover wonderful, unique items, but you can often find the exact same products as another isle, for much less.

This box of tea was about $4.  Note that it holds 72 teabags!  Better yet, they aren’t individually wrapped.  That kind of excess waste just drives me crazy.  I understand it keeps them fresh, but I can do that with a tupperware container or an oft-reused ziploc bag just as well.  These bags are in two separate cello-baggies, but inside each is just a stack of plain old, porous paper, and fabulous, spicy tea.  Splash in some Silk soy milk and a drizzle of agave or rice syrup, or a sprinkle of organic cane sugar, and you’re teain’ it up like you’re chillin’ in India!

Speaking of the International Foods isle, the S.O. and I are addicted to snacks like these:


I know next to nothing about Indian culture, but I am starting to think they aren’t huge on the traditional sweet snack.  These little goodies are absolutely tantalizing, but they’re definitely savory (in the way that Indian foods are: that winning combination of sweet and hot).  The samosas especially are devine, and I might have to keep them in my bag when the Fringe Festival starts, so I don’t burst into tears every time I pass by the Samosa King kiosk (although, some of it may be vegan…).

Lets move onto some sweet treats!

Have you heard of Enjoy Life?  I bought their chocolate chips because they are they only kind I can find in the city that are Vegan, but their products are actual suitable for almost every single dietary restricted being out there.  Check it out:

photo 3 Isn’t that great?

The chocolate chips are great, and the other day the S.O. and I decided to try their cookies.  We initially bought the Snickerdoodles, and they are just awesome, so yesterday I bought these:

photo 2They are “buttery” and crisp and utterly delightful.   I will admit, they have a bit of a strange after-texture, but my experience with gluten-free flours has led me to believe that this is unavoidable in baked goods. I’m sure it’s something you stop noticing fast, and the S.O. didn’t know what I was talking about in the first place.  Definitely not enough of an issue to keep me from stuffing my face.

These little guys are especially yummy dipped in a Masala Chai latte! Just don’t let them soak too long.  I ended up with dissolved cookie tea yesterday; not that the buttery addition wasn’t great!

Finally, a childhood staple, now available for Vegans!

photo 4I was skeptical about this one.  I have tried other soy products and overall I haven’t been a fan (besides Silk soymilk).  I just think there are some things you can’t replicate without dairy.  But pudding shouldn’t be one of those things! If you like the milk, you should like the pudding, assuming the thickener doesn’t have a taste of its own.

This is a winner, hands down.  (I get why they can’t say “milk” or “cheese” on non-dairy products, but why couldn’t this say pudding?)  Maybe the vanilla and caramel versions would taste more fake, but the dark chocolate tastes like creamy dark chocolate and only considerable self control is keeping me from cracking open another one.

They get more brownie points for this addition to their packaging:

belsoy backHooray! No ingredient-reading necessary! I wish more products would say this.  I assume that since some Belsoy products do use dairy or non-Vegan ingredients, they can’t be certified, but not all of us are that strict, and I’m so glad they have found a way to show that.

Well! That ought to keep you stocked up for a few days of stuffing your face! I know at least a couple of these will be coming along when we go camping in a week and a half.

Thanks for reading!



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