Burger Bliss

Summertime is upon us (gee thanks, Tips), and with the advent of that wonderful, balmy season comes inevitable cravings. For toasted marshmallows (dealt with here) and crispy salads (taken care of here) and burgers!

Actually, I never was a huge fan of burgers. I always preferred my mom’s meat balls, which were exactly the same as her burgers, only rolled instead of flattened. It may have had something to do with the effects of grilling versus baking the meat, but I was also a weird kid.

The other day, however, a certain tasty patty recipe had me jonsing for a burger with greens and mayo and crunchy red onion and avocado. What a pleasant happenstance that I just so happened to have all of those fixins on hand – as well as the ingredients for the patties themselves!

Enter, Kathy’s Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers!

These babies are super straight forward to prepare, and the only time-consuming part is baking the potato. I always feel like it takes way too long, so since I was mashing it up anyway, I cut it into chunks to speed up the process, and sprayed it down with olive oil (using the wonderful Pampered Chef kitchen spritzer my mom recently gave me). It took less than an hour, that way.

I probably wasn’t quite “plentiful” enough with my oatmeal (which I used in leiu of Panko), so my burgers never did firm up. They became more like patty-shaped mashed potato with fry marks.


But that didn’t make them any less tasty. Decked out with delicious condiments, the burgers definitely hit the spot. They were open faced, because I had already consumed about half the bread I baked that day, still warm and slathered in margarine (mmm, clogged arteries), but that didn’t damper their appeal one bit.

burger2 I certainly recommend this dish. Since the mixture is pretty flimsy, I just have it sitting in the fridge, uncooked, and simply form the patties and quickly fry them in a bit of oil (from my spritzer, you guessed it!) whenever I’m ready to eat.

Thanks Kathy!


How do you Veganize your favourite summer staples, fellow bloggites?



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