A Free Meal

Hello fellow Veggie-lovers!

I am currently on holidays (for the first time in two years!); that’s why I’ve been more absent than usual.  But I didn’t want you all to think I forgot about you!

In the spirit of taking full advantage of legitimate laziness, I have not been getting into the kitchen a whole lot.  My parents were in town this past weekend, so that meant that I did not have to pay for any of the eating out!  I am absolutely kicking myself for not taking pictures of the delicious Vegan food I ate on the town!

We checked out a wonderful little New Orleans restaurant called Bon Temps on Sunday. The waitress was excited that I was Vegan, because she had just had another Vegan customer the day before, and she remembered some of the items she had found out he could eat.  I ended up trying the bean salad and it was absolutely delicious! Just the right amount of spice and tang, and a wonderful assortment of beans – including one kind that looked kind of like molars…weird, I know, but tasty nonetheless.  Prettily plated with various sliced veggies, I was definitely disappointed when I was about 3/4 of the way through and realized no photos had been taken!

I did get pictures of every other part of the restaurant.  Check out the awesome drinking glasses and beautiful lighting:glass lightsOn Monday, we ended up at the mall food court, where I could technically have had curry from Thai Express.   However, I was right across the street from a little gluten-free and vegan friendly eatery called The Griffin Takeaway, and I couldn’t pass up the chance to test out their lunch (for free, of course)!  My avocado, artichoke and red pepper sandwich with caramelized onion and garlic was absolutely delightful!  I may or may not have also scarfed down a chocolate caramel tart.  I will definitely be returning!

We ended our crazy bout of not-so-homecooked meals at Moxie’s last night.  I was very excited for a nice, juicy veggie burger, until the manager came to our table and informed me that they mix cheese right into the burgers.  Darn!  I ended up having the only Vegan-Friendly item on the menu that wasn’t salad – avocado spring rolls.  They were delicious, but deep fried is a rarity for me these days and my tummy didn’t love me so much afterwards.  Ah well, c’est la vie! Next time I’ll ask for a salad with all the yummy toppings they can toss on!

I want to share with you a couple of non-foodie things before I jet off for camping!  First of all, to any of you who do yoga, you really ought to check out the 30-Day Challenge from DoYouYoga.com.  The yogini who teaches it, Erin Motz, is an absolute delight.  She is so real and down-to-earth, it leaves you to reach your own level of spirituality; she just shows you the moves.  Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but I find her just lovely.  It has been a great way to get me back to some more intense yoga beyond my usual Sun Salutation.

And finally, I would like your help, should you be willing to give it!

Vegan is…

How do you completely that sentence?  If you are willing to give me your quotes (complete with your name, real or otherwise), I would be eternally grateful.  I would love to incorporate them into some written work someday, somehow, and with full credit, of course.

Have a beautiful, health-ful week, and if you are wanting to give a quote but can’t think of one, maybe mine will jog your brain:

“Vegan is a beautiful embodiment of the Karmic ‘Rule of Three’.”



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