How To Feed Your Online Shopping Addiction, Vegan-style!

I don’t know about you, but as a Vegan who’s trying to do more than just eat kindly, finding lifestyle products is bloomin’ difficult!

A number of small, local boutiques sell organic cotton or hemp clothing, and I think that is splendid.  Unfortunately for me – and them – I am on a minimalist spending kick right now, which I sincerely hope spans the rest of my life.  This means, among avoiding the mundane purchase of cute sticky note pads or a THIRD day planner, I have little inclination to spend forty or fifty dollars on a t-shirt of any kind!

Clothes aren’t even the most difficult items.  I basically live at Value Village – I don’t know when I last went into a clothing store in the mall, except to look at pretty dresses at Bryan’s one day.  (Those are safe because I know I’ll never wear them, so they aren’t even tempting to buy.  But so pretty!)  Sure, I’ll need new underwear and socks eventually, and I’ll be buying those wherever they are the cheapest. But work clothes, jeans, sweaters – the racks of the local thrift store is literally overflowing with these wardrobe staples.  I believe I’ve stated this before, but if you are eliminating the need for a new product to be made for you – that’s helping the planet even more than buying organic fabrics, which still have a lengthy manufacturing process.

So, what about shoes?  If you have a foot that’s easy-peasy to find and fit, well…blah!  I have a hard enough time finding shoes in a regular store.  And while I have found the odd pair on the thrifty racks, they are usually something specialty that I’m only going to wear for specific occasions.

I have little choice but to turn to other options, as the soles of my beloved black Vans slowly begin to separate from the canvas.

I am currently trying to get my claws into a pair of funky Sanuks, and contemplating the rather hefty donation that will score me some of these:

Keith Wood

Shoes are far from the only issue, especially if you don’t live in a huge, urban centre, or can’t afford to pay shelf price for specialty products.  What about cleaning supplies, beauty products, nifty non-perishables?

You always have the option to make your products, but I’ve found that as much as I’d love to prepare everything that comes in contact with my body from scratch, I simply don’t have the time.  I settle for coconut oil deodorant, and scrubbing the tub with baking soda and lemon (which works wonders, by the way).  For everything else, there are tons of online options!

How about Crunchy Betty, who includes the recipe she uses in every purchase?cb
Be sure to check out her blog, too!

Or Juice Beauty, where everything is Vegan (or is supposed to be – best to email and ask if it’s not specified)!  Alicia Silverstone has a line with them.

And for an idea of what’s out there, you simply must check out Vegan Cuts.  When I get my basket from them, I will definitely blog about it.  But until then, browse through their store – they have all sorts of stuff I hadn’t heard of!

So you see, fellow world-bettering darlings, the options abound.  It is no more difficult to develop an online shopping addiction as a Vegan than it is as an omnivore … sorry.  Do your research, spend wisely, and take advantage of sites that boast in-house manufacturing, or as close as you can get.  Burning gas hurts the planet, too!

Stay Savvy,




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