I’m still here!

I guess I’ve been away for awhile…

My apologies.  My posts may be less regular now, since I am about to set off on a new and exciting tangent to my life.  Aka: I’ll be really busy.

But the plus side to that is that I will most likely be discovering all kinds of quick and easy Vegan meals, which of course I will share with you!

Today, I want to re-stress that you really must check out Oh She Glows, if you haven’t already.  The other day I decided to make Brussel Sprouts for supper, and I found myself jonesing for some cheese sauce to go along with them.  Since I didn’t have any butternut squash, I hit up the net for another idea.

Lo and behold, I came across the recipe that seems to have led Angela to her butternut squash delicacy!  It’s pretty much the same, minus the squash, it’s right here, and boy is it good!
brussel sprouts

Secondly, I want to share this recipe for Kitsune Soba.  Wowza!

This broth is so good, I would happily swap it in for plain ol’ veggie every time!  My picture isn’t nearly as exciting as the creator’s, but believe me when I say it tasted wonderful.  Soba noodles are definitely a new staple in my closet – I even added them to my miso soup!  I used this brand, which are actually only 30% buckwheat to 70% whole wheat but I will be keeping my eye out for an all-buckwheat version (apparently easy to find in Asian food stores).

kitsune soba

I hope these links give you some great new ideas.  Please hang around – I promise I’ll keep posting for as long as you keep reading!




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