There’s Always Time for Cookies!

Well, I’m moved in and settled – or at least as settled as a person partaking in an intensive, eight-month university program ever gets!

I’ve mentioned a couple times that the likelihood of my coming up with any fancy recipes over the next year is pretty slim.  That said, there’s no reason I can’t be trying out other folks recipes.  I’ll be going for simple and cheap these days, and I very much doubt I’m alone in that preference.  Therefore, I will continue to share with you the tasty morsels I try out, and I’ll try to occasionally whip up longer, more informational posts.

Ok, with all the preliminaries out of the way, I have a recipe to share! (Good grief, I certainly hope I would, after all that lead in.)

When I was looking for an apartment in my new city, I ended up connecting with a property rental company that specializes in purchasing and fixing up buildings in more run-down areas.  The downside to this is that the areas are sketchy.  The upside is the suites are beautiful and freshly updated, and the tenants are well-vetted.

The woman whom I dealt with regarding lease signing and all that fun stuff is an absolute gem.  As a result, I promised that I would bake her cookies once I was settled in my new place.

True to my word, the other day I whipped up a batch of these chocolate chip goodies, created by Bake Something.  Man, were they good!

The first batch I followed to the letter, with the minor exception of swapping out half the coconut oil for canola oil.  As much as I think that coconut oil is the best multi-purpose item in my cupboard, I’m still a bit sketchy on the saturated fat issue, and I try to avoid eating it in excess.  And let’s face it – I only had to look at the recipe for these cookies to know that I’d be eating whatever the rental agency lady didn’t … excessively.

The cookies were stupendous (though I kind of gave away that punch line in the previous paragraph)!  They were soft and chewy, and totally didn’t flatten out or go hard overnight.

Naturally, since I had to initially share the batch, it wasn’t more than a couple of days until I made some more.  Since these ones were all for me, I wanted to make them a little bit healthier; I swapped out half the oil (but still used half coconut, half canola) for applesauce.  Then I did as the Baking Rule says, and cut back the sugar because of the applesauce…

The cookies were still good.  Really, really good.  But don’t listen to the Baking Rule – leave in all the sugar, at least in this recipe.  This second round of cookies was definitely less sweet than the first, and not in a good way.  Maybe it’s because I use unsweetened applesauce and the people who make up the Rules use sweetened, or maybe it’s because I used whole wheat flour because I don’t buy white flour (oh yes, I suppose that was another slight change).  But whatever the reason, I highly recommend the full cup of sugar.  Besides the sweet factor, the second batch didn’t change in texture at all – so definitely a win for the applesauce.

I just now realized that I don’t have any photos of my cookies.  I swear it isn’t because I ate them all in one sitting.  I sat at least twice…

Give them a try! I know I will be making them again very soon!


bluejayIn lieu of cookie pictures, I’d like to share my Saturday morning vistor!


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