Reflection: Vegan, Day 24


I thought it would be tricky to put into words how I feel since becoming Vegan, but turns out not so much! The best way to sum it up is to say that I feel lighter.

In a purely literal sense, I know I have lost weight and inches, and when you know you have achieved that healthily, it takes some worry weight off, too.  While I would still like to tone up, at least I’m not stressing over bulge or buying larger sizes, or issues like that.

Further to the physical, I’ve noticed definite improvements in my digestion. Less bloating, less feeling painfully “stuffed”, beacuse I’m eating things that my body actually needs, not just shoveling in empty calories.  For the most part.  While I have remained faithfully vegan, I have lost my footing on the clean eating slant a couple of times!

Speaking of “falling off the wagon”, when it happens, my body sure does react! It probably always did, but with all the gunk cleared out, it’s as if there’s less for the crap foods to wade through before the symptoms hit.  This actually makes it easier to pin point what caused the problem because it shows up within hours, not days.  That’s good and bad.  It reminds me immediately that I need to smarten up but it does that, usually, by making my face break out.  Joy.  Mind you, fixing it is easier now, too.

Physical issues aside, I do feel lighter mentally as well, though less noticeably than I expected.  For one thing, I need less sleep.  Not a ton – about 7.5 hours instead of 8 – but enough that I feel less groggy than I did before when I would stay up a bit late.

I am also finding it strangely freeing to keep an eye on ingredient lists and focus on restrictions.  I know that is weird; maybe it has something to do with feeling in control.  More and more, I feel educated, like I have tangible reasons that I can actually vocalize for each morsel I’m putting into my mouth. I quite enjoy it.

The lightness extends to my spending, as well.  Not purchacing foods willy-nilly makes em feel good; there’s no sense of buyer’s guilt because I have researched each purchase.  This has affected what I spend on other items – I have developed a habit of thinking about each thing – whatever it may be – before I buy it (clothing at Value Village notwithstanding).  I was nowhere near a compulsive shopper before, but this lifestyle has restrained me even more.

Finally, there’s the matter of my lighter conscience.  Though previously I did not spend mass amounts of time contemplating the effects of my actions on the environment and animal welfare, now that I am aware, it’s impossible to close my sensibilities and my heart to the reality.  By becoming Vegan, by being “Kind”, I am lightening my imprint on the world, as well as my Karmic imbalance.

I could almost float away, I feel so airy and free and good spirited.  I am so happy and grateful that I’ve found a path that has just tumbled so neatly into my life, is such a perfect fit.

Here’s to finding your own fulfilling path, whatever that may be!




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